Closed Bids for Local Projects

If you are ever interested about what exactly is going with local construction projects and infrastructure improvements, most local government agencies post their requests for proposal (RFPs) for their large projects at a few, easily accessible websites making it very simple to search for a large amount of historic projects throughout Washtenaw County.

The Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network (MITN) is the largest of these bid-aggregation websites. If you register you can view the open bids, but past bids can be viewed without needing to do so.

Closed bids by Agency within MITN can be found here

As an example of this, I’ll select the City of Ann Arbor from the list of participating agencies.

Ann Arbor.JPG

There is a huge list of RFPs here so i’ll pick a relatively recent one. I’m interested in seeing what the City plans to do for their “West Liberty Street Reconstruction, S. First St. – N. Main St.” so I click on that link and get more project details.

Ann Arbor 2.JPG

The plans and specifications for this project are attached in the “document” attachment so i’m able to learn exactly what the City has planned here. Other agencies may just give you a list of plan holders that need to be contacted to request the plans or make you jump through a few more hoops to see the actual plans.

Ann Arbor3.JPG

Pulling up the plans we have the complete plan-set available for viewing.

Ann Arbor 4.JPG

This is a simple example, but neatly illustrates how we can (with the internet) quickly learn more about the infrastructure projects around us.



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