2017 Washtenaw County MDOT Construction

MDOT recently released their 2017 construction map for the state.  Zooming in on our county, there are two projects slated for construction in 2017(below):









So both of the MDOT jobs in 2017 will be on US-23. They’re already going full bore on the bridge replacement/shoulder upgrade/ramp extension on US-23 North of Ann Arbor and the work near Milan will begin in May.

What about future work in the County?

MDOT has a site for that as well!

The Five-Year Transportation Program has an interactive map that shows MDOT’s planned work in the county over the next five years.

5 years

It looks like MDOT has two more projects slated for the county in the next five years!

The red project is slated for 2019:

 Location: 12 bridges on US-23 in Washtenaw County
Type(s) of Work: Repair & Rebuild, Overlay – Epoxy
2019: Construction

The tan project is slated for 2018:

Route: M-52
Location: M-52 South County Line to Austin Rd
Type of Work: Road, Road Capital Preventive Maintenance
Length: 5.21 Miles
2018: Construction

I’m hoping that with the new gas tax we’ll see some new projects come on-line as the funding is put in place. We’ll see!


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