Washtenaw County Dams

There are 66 Dams in the County according to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). The MDEQ provides an overview of how they define and regulate dams here. The location of each dam in the county can be found on the MDEQ’s MIWaters map. As an example, the below screen shows the map with the filter for “Dams” and “Washtenaw County” turned on.


When you zoom in, the locations become more distinct and you can click on the individual pink dots (dam) to get more information about each dam. Below is a list of all the dams in the county from the MDEQ’s website:

  1. Iron Lake Dam
  2. Clark Dam
  3. Sharon Mills Dam
  4. Willo’s Lake Dam
  5. Ford Manchester Dam
  6. Broucek Dam
  7. Manchester Mill Dam
  8. Deppmann Dam
  9. Curtiss Park Dam
  10. Saline River Dam
  11. Spring Brook Dam
  12. Ella Lee Lake Dam
  13. Warner Drain Dam
  14. Wojtowicz Dam
  15. McCarthy Drain Dam
  16. Charles Sargent Dam
  17. West Branch Paint Creek Dam
  18. Rawsonville Dam
  19. Willow Run Hydro Dam
  20. Tyler Dam
  21. Geddes Ridge Storm Water Retention Dam
  22. Peninsular Paper Dam
  23. Superior Dam
  24. Geddes Dam
  25. Towsley Farms Detention Dam
  26. Parker Dam
  27. Malletts Dam
  28. Pittsfield-Ann Arbor Drain Dam #1
  29. Geddes Lake Sub Lower Dam
  30. Geddes Lake Sub Upper Dam
  31. Whittaker and Gooding Dam
  32. Superior Development Corporation Dam
  33. Trib to Lower River Rouge Dam
  34. Traver Creek Dam #1
  35. Traver Creek Dam #2
  36. Traver Creek Dam #3
  37. Traver Creek Dam #4
  38. Traver Creek Dam #5
  39. Traver Creek Dam #6
  40. Traver Lake Dam #5
  41. Traver Creek Retention Dam
  42. Argo Dam
  43. Barton Dam
  44. Preserve of Dexter Dam
  45. Green Oak Lake Dam
  46. Bridgeway Lake Dam
  47. Cunningham Dam
  48. Dexter Business & Research Det Dam
  49. Lower Sutton Dam
  50. Sutton Lake Dam
  51. Baker Dam
  52. Sylvan Trout Pond Dam
  53. Upper Sylvan Trout Pond Dam
  54. Winnewana Dam
  55. Green Lake Dam
  56. Four Mill Lake Control Structure
  57. Dexter Dam
  58. Crooked Lake Dam
  59. Henes Dam
  60. Flook Dam
  61. Wiltse Dam
  62. Horseshoe Lake Level Control Structure
  63. Whitmore Lake Control Structure
  64. Waterland Trucking Service Dam
  65. Jones Dam
  66. Fishbeck Dam

I would like to make a post to talk about each of these dams to further define their history, function, and how they are important to us today.


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