2009 Recovery Act Infrastructure Projects in Washtenaw County

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA or the Recovery Act) provided significant infrastructure transportation funding to the State of Michigan. Through specific formulas and criteria, this money was allocated to infrastructure projects across the State. The program was largely wound down and ended by 2012.

The Michigan House Fiscal Agency (HFA) ARRA website provides a detailed overview of the ARRA funding that was provided to the State and how it was used. Beginning on Page 13 of this document, the Highway infrastructure allocations within the State are described. According to the linked HFA document, $847.2 million was provided to Michigan for highway infrastructure programs and $25.7 million for “Funding to Transit Agencies”.

The Michigan Department of Transportation administered (or provided reporting) for these projects which can be seen at this MDOT website about their ARRA Transportation Projects.

I have broken out all the projects that MDOT reported as ARRA funded within the county below. The tables that MDOT provides has a bunch of information that i’ve had to omit to be able to fit into this blog. According to the MDOT website, there were a total of 36 ARRA funded projects (infrastructure and transit funded) with a total expenditure of $46,730,000. This table is provided at the bottom of the post.

Without looking at the sum total of all MDOT projects for these years, it is difficult to evaluate these projects. Much of this work was done around the Ann-Arbor – Ypsilanti area but MDOT may have been using their own budget to focus on the rest of the county.

Almost all of the road projects on this list were overlays (putting a new layer of asphalt on an existing one), resurfacing the road, joint repairs or chip sealing. All projects to extend the life of existing roads. No new roads, and only a few reconstructions (and one roundabout).

The county also received a significant amount of transit funding for the AATA which used it to buy new buses, improve bus stops, improve bus storage, build a park and ride lot, and improve routes.

The most interesting item to me is that this list is bookended by two project which (as of late 2016) still have not gotten off the ground. $2.8 million in ARRA funds was spent on preliminary engineering for the new Ann Arbor Train Station and $500K was spent on the restoration of the Ypsilanti Freighthouse. Four years later, the Ann Arbor Train Station is still moving forward (the City just released a report showing the 4 options they are proposing) and 6 years after the 2009 funding, the Freighthouse still needed more money to complete the renovation work (the opening date is still TBD).

Federal money is spent every year in Washtenaw County on our public infrastructure and ARRA funds were a large portion of that during the Act’s existence. The Washtenaw Area Transportation Study (WATS) details funding obligations and projects by Fiscal Year provided from other Federal funding sources.

FY Project Name/Route Limits Description ARRA Funds ($1,000s) Total Cost ($1,000s)
2012 Ann Arbor Station City of Ann Arbor Preliminary Engineer and Environmental Work 2,806 3,508
2010 2 segments of Wagner Rd, Dexter-Pinckney, Huron River Dr, and N. Territorial from I-94 to Miller and Jackson to I-94; from Island Lake to 0.2 MI S of N Territorial; from Huron to Textile; and Dexter-Pinckney to Island Lake. Mill where needed and overlay 405 405
2009 Bus Stop Accessibility AATA Service Area Improve bus stops 460 460
2009 N University Transit Center Ph II Church to Natural History Museum Construct transit center 700 700
2010 Urban Operating AATA Service Area Fixed route service operating 280 280
2010 N. Territorial Huron River Dr. to 0.5 E. of Huron River Drive Overlay 28 28
2010 Operating Assistance Nonurban Service Area Operate service in rural area 24 24
2010 Marvin St. from County to Michigan Resurface 125 265
2010 Countywide Ann Arbor-Saline Rd, from Textile to Pleasant Lake Rd: Huron River Dr, from Wagner Rd to Maple Rd; Textile Rd from Carpenter to Munger; Textile Rd, from Whittaker to Mohawk Overlay 409 409
2010 Ellsworth Maple Rd to State Rd Mill and overlay 388 388
2010 Scio Church Rd Zeeb rd to Tessmer Rd Single Course Chip Seal 21 21
2010 Textile Rd Deer Creek Rd to Stormy Creek Rd Single Course Chip Seal 34 34
2010 Wagner Rd Ann-Arbor Saline Rd to Liberty Rd Single Course Chip Seal 83 83
2010 Zeeb Rd Pratt Rd to Scio Rd Single Course Chip Seal 41 41
2009 Miller Dexter-Ann Arbor Road
to Wagner
Crack Seal/Chip Seal 62 62
2009 Miller Dexter-Ann Arbor Road
to Wagner
Overlay 63 63
2009 Plymouth & Green Roads Nixon to US-23 &
Plymouth to Hubbard
Concrete joint repairs, mill & resurface 2163 2163
2009 Preventive Maintenance N Territorial Rd; from Webster Church to Whitmore Lake; from 0.2 MI W of Dexter-Townhall Rd to Toma; from 0.3 MI
W of Madden Rd to Dexter-Townhall Rd.
AND Pleasant Lake Rd from Stienbach to Parker Rds.
Resurface road 642 642
2009 Huron River Drive Zeeb Road to Tubbs Road Resurface 251 476
Preventive Maintenance Dexter Ann Arbor Rd from
Broad to E Village Limit
Resurface road 100 100
Preventive Maintenance Ann Arbor-Saline, Oak Valley to Maple; Baker Rd, I-94 to Dan Hoey; Cross, Ypsilanti CL to
Harris; Dexter-Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor CL to Dan Hoey Rd; Dexter-Pinckney, from Dexter
Twp to Wylie; Ford, from US-12 to Holmes; Forest, Ypsilanti CL to Ford; Geddes, Dixboro to Superior; Grove, Emerick to Rawsonville; Hitchingham, Bemis to Textile; Holmes,
Prospect to Rue Deauville; Jackson, Honey Ck to Wagner; LeForge, Clark to Geddes; Lohr,
Textile to Ellsworth; Maple, Ann Arbor CL to Saline CL; N Territorial, Toma to Dexter-
Pinckney; State, Old State to Ellsworth; Zeeb, Park to I-94.
Preventive maintenance treatments including mill and overlay, crack seal, chip seal, repair concrete. 1449 1449
2009 Various segments along 34 streets Ann, Catherine, Dexter, Dhu Varren, Earhart, E Huron River, Eisenhower, Ellsworth, Fifth,
Geddes, Jackson, Miller, Nixon, N Maple, Oakbrook, Observatory, Packard, Pauline,
Platt, Plymouth, Pontiac, Scio Church, Seventh, S Main, S Maple, S State, S Thayer, Wall, W Liberty, W Stadium, Miller, Hill, N University, Pauline, S University.
Nonmotorized Expansion with
pavement markings and signage
250 250
2009 Bus Storage Facility AATA Service Area Improve bus storage 1012 1012
2009 College Place from W Cross to Forest Resurface road 204 204
2009 Expansion Buses AATA Service Area Purchase 4 buses 2498 2498
2009 Holmes Rd from Michigan Ave to Spencer Resurface road 1275 1275
2009 I-94 from Jackson CL to Freer Rd resurface 6000 6000
2009 I-94 from Freer Rd to Parker Rd resurface 18400 18400
2009 Mansfield from Westmoreland to Congress Resurface road 557 557
2009 N Ann Arbor from US-12 to Bennett Resurface road 210 210
2009 One Small Bus People’s Express service area Replace Bus 60 60
2009 Pack Rd Signal Interconnect from Eisenhower to East Stadium Signal interconnect 300 300
2009 Park and Ride Lot AATA Service Area Park and Ride Lot 1500 1500
2009 W Stadium Blvd from Pauline Street to Seventh St. Reconstruct 2163 2163
2009 Whittaker at Stony Creek Construct roundabout 1300 1300
2009 Ypsilanti Freighthouse Restoration 100 Market Plaza Restoration of 6,500 SF historic structure 500 500

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